SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals The Fight Behind Their Happy Vacation Photo

“It suddenly became a fight between DK and I.”

Through a post on Weverse, SEVENTEEN‘s DK mentioned a fight that happened between him and Seungkwan. Seungkwan held a live broadcast soon after the post and answered fans’ questions by revealing the whole story.


Jeonghan and DK planned to take a trip to Jeju. Noting it was Seungkwan’s hometown, they asked if he wanted to come along for the day trip.

“‘DK and I are trying to take a trip to Jeju if we have time. Do you want to go with us?’ [That’s] how it all started.”

— Seungkwan

Since they’re so close, they went with the flow, taking turns paying for everything they did. “The three of us went around, Jeonghan paying, DK paying, Seungkwan paying, and so on like that.” That soon posed a problem.

While sightseeing, they spotted a kayak unlike any other they’d seen before: a transparent one. Jeonghan and DK were eager to ride it, the former telling Seungkwan to pay for it so they could do so. There was one problem.

Seungkwan had seen the kayak far too many times to count and was disinterested. “I didn’t really want to ride it, but Jeonghan goes, ‘Seungkwan, wire the [$27 USD] to them.’

Like many people could relate to, Seungkwan didn’t want to pay for something he didn’t want to do and suggested that DK foot the bill.

Jeonghan: “‘I just paid for what we ate. You can pay for this. Are you not up for spending [$27 USD]?'”

DK: “‘You can’t pay that mere [$27 USD]?'”

Seungkwan: “‘But, DK… Then, you won’t pay?'”

Remembering that DK had just spent nearly a hundred dollars at the gift shop, Seungkwan brought it up. “But I had a twisted thought that came out as, ‘Are you not paying for this because you spent your money at the souvenir shop?’

Because Jeonghan hadn’t heard their discussion, he made them all take a photo together. He soon realized that DK and Seungkwan were in the midst of a disagreement, “‘Guys, why are you fighting?’

To erase the tension, Seungkwan came up with the idea to say it was all a “candid camera prank” meant to cause a fake fight between Jeonghan and Seungkwan. It was so unbelievable that it worked, “Which makes no sense, but that got us bursting into laughter, fortunately.

After a round of rock, paper, scissors, DK and Seungkwan were the ones chosen to ride in the clear kayak. While using teamwork to row, they both apologized and took a photo that was full of true happiness.

In the end, Seungkwan learned two important lessons from the fight; don’t dwell on who started a fight and always plan out trip finances beforehand. “Something like this can happen with members who’s been together for seven, eight years—or nine years. When going on a trip together, get a certain amount of money from everyone and spend it as a group.

Source: Naver Live