SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan And His Dog Are Most Definitely On Our List Of K-Pop Cuties

There is so much UWU happening right now!!!

SEVENTEEN‘s official Instagram account recently shared pictures of member Seungkwan and his dog Boo-kkeu (부끄, meaning “shy”). The two look eternally happy together in each other’s presence – and Carats are madly in love with both.


The two boys from the Boo household – Boo Seungkwan and Boo-kkeu – have long been inseparable. Seungkwan has always portrayed his undying love for his family dog – on his own Instagram posts as well.

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[17'S 승관] 우리 집 막내아들 부끄👼

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Seungkwan once hashtagged the lyrics from “Home” when posting a picture of Bookkeu and him together on his personal Instagram. It was clear that Seungkwan is home to Bookkeu, and Bookkeu is home to Seungkwan. This made Carats stan the Boo-Boo pair so hard…

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There is no one who can un-do what we have.

— Seungkwan


… but really, these two cuties have been Carats’ favorites since Day 1. Seungkwan and Bookkeu first met in late 2018. Seungkwan celebrated the meaningful addition to the family by posting a selfie with baby Bookkeu back in the day. Both Seungkwan and Carats have been in love with this fluff of white cuteness since then!

This is my brother Bookkeu. We met today. I’m so in love. #SuperCloseUpSelfiesDon’tScareMeWhenI’mWithYou

— Seungkwan


Bookkeu, the super star dog, has his very own Instagram – ran by his family. Carats are actively following Bookkeu’s furry adventures… like the time he met SEVENTEEN members on set!

A fun day shooting with SEVENTEEN hyungs! They loved me. And… I fell asleep on Hoshi-hyung’s lap.

— Bookkeu


In case you now need more of these cuties in your life, here’s a live broadcast of Seungkwan and Bookkeu. What isn’t there to love about these Boo-Boo brothers?