SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Didn’t Let Anyone Embarrass Him In Front Of His Idol Kelly Clarkson

Seungkwan warned her he wasn’t a “bad boy” after Dino’s jokes.

One of SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan‘s charming points is how relatable he is, proving it once again with his humorous reaction to the members poking fun at him in front of Kelly Clarkson.

Seungkwan | @pledis_17/Twitter

During a round of “Last Time I…” on The Kelly Clarkson Show, one question asked the members to share a moment where they did something nice for someone else.

Dino immediately poked fun at Seungkwan by asking, “Is there something?” The maknae caused everyone to laugh, including Seungkwan.

When Dino joked even more that he could only name nice moments for DK, Seungkwan couldn’t leave it be. He said, “Don’t make me look like a bad guy.

To make sure his true personality shined through, Seungkwan said a special message for Kelly Clarkson in English. He said, “Kelly, I’m not [a] bad boy.” Although Dino pointed out it wasn’t necessary, Seungkwan added, “I don’t want Kelly to misunderstand.

After Dino shared the sweet moments where Seungkwan treats him with the utmost kindness, Hoshi revealed why Seungkwan took the extra step to cleared up any possible misunderstandings.

Hoshi expressed that Seungkwan was a “huge fan” of Kelly Clarkson and had even dyed his hair just for his appearance on the show. Even idols like to put their best foot forward for singers they admire.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

See Seungkwan make sure one of his favorite singers wouldn’t mistake him for a “bad guy” because of their playful jokes here.