SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s Extreme Duality Can Take Carats From 0 to 100 In A Split Second

And Carats love the entirety of Boo spectrum.

In a recent interview with Dingo, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan had a whole minute to himself to show off his duality. Carats, who absolutely adore Seungkwan’s sunshine bright side, couldn’t quite handle the 60 seconds of charismatic boo!


As a special bonus-like feature at the end of Dingo’s behind-the-scenes video, Seungkwan got a chance to show off his ferocity.


He was surely breathtaking:


But Carats, who know Seungkwan’s bubbly personality, couldn’t help but start to smirk at Seungkwan’s seriousness…


… and he couldn’t handle himself either!


At the end of the stunning 60 seconds, Seungkwan burst into laughter…


… and went right back to the sweet “Bbooya” that Carats find irresistible!


Watch the full video here: