SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals What Idols Say To Him In Bathrooms At Awards Shows

They didn’t say what Seungkwan expected them to.

During an airing of SEVENTEEN‘s CARATs To Your Ears, Seungkwan shared a humorous behind-the-scenes story of what other idols say when they chat with him at awards shows.


Seungkwan recalled a moment at an awards show where he ran into other idols in the restroom.

They took him by surprise by mentioning their GOING SEVENTEEN spin-off. Seungkwan laughed when saying, “Some K-Pop singers at the toilet said, ‘I enjoyed TTT.’

Seungkwan pointed out how funny it was that the idols were more interested in TTT (MT SVT REALITY) than their music. He continued, “I’m a singer, right? It wasn’t like, ‘I like your new song “Home Run”.’

Seungkwan even remembered the idols saying, “I am a big fan of TTT.” Who could blame them, though?

From groups like THE BOYZ to CRAVITY, many idols have shared their love for TTT and even imitated funny moments from it. SEVENTEEN are just so funny that everyone is tuning in.

Source: Naver Live