SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Opens Up About His Long Battle With Depression

Those who have the brightest smiles are often going through a lot.

If you’re a fan of SEVENTEEN, you know Seungkwan is one of the funniest comedians of the bunch. From his episode of SEVENTEEN: Hit The Road, he revealed that he’s not always so happy-go-lucky.

For a change of pace, he sat down for a serious discussion about the depression he often experiences.

Walking in the rain covered by an umbrella, Seungkwan admitted that he’s struck with depression most when he’s left by himself to think. “Sometimes, when I’m alone, my head gets full of thoughts. I get very depressed all of a sudden.”

For those who never experienced the feeling, he tried to express how it felt and how unprovoked it was. He began, “And, at times, I suddenly feel a sense of emptiness. With no particular reason.”

Seungkwan explained that the feeling could pop up anywhere at any time. He’s even experienced it right after filming entertaining scenes for variety shows, where he was having the best time.

His depression appears to remind him that it’s still there, “Even when I’m having fun shooting entertainment shows, as soon as I get back in the car… You know the term ‘Reality check?'”

They weren’t feelings that had suddenly manifested either. Seungkwan revealed that he’s been suffering from it ever since he was young. “People often say I’m very emotional, but I’m not sure. I was like this ever since I can remember. It’s hard to explain why I’m like this.”

Since he’s had to cope with it for so long, he’s found ways to handle it. The method that worked for him was to leave it alone, “Whenever a time like that comes, I just let it be. I have been working so hard; maybe it’s natural that I feel this way…”

That way, he can settle into those emotions and feel them, letting it go away on its own. It helps Seungkwan feel relaxed, “I just let the depression sink in sometimes. It actually helps me refresh a little bit when I do that.”

Addressing issues like depression isn’t typical among idols, although they experience them just as much as everyone else. It took courage for Seungkwan to open up about something he’s always struggled with. See him discuss how it affects his daily life and how he manages it here.