SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Was Nervous For His Cover Of Lizzo’s “Juice” — Here’s How He Got Through It

He just needed a little help.

Fans of SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan might be surprised to find out that he still gets nervous despite his lively personality and incredible talent. Here’s how he recently overcame his nerves.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan | @pledis_boos/Instagram

Seungkwan recently prepared a cover with rapper Lee Youngji of Lizzo‘s hit song “Juice.”

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and Lee Youngji | @pledis_boos/Instagram

This duet was a gift for fans, and the pair seemed to have a great time showcasing their talent and chemistry on stage.

However, in a behind the scenes video for the filming of the cover, Seungkwan revealed to Youngji that he was nervous.

He initially had trouble loosening up, but Youngji was able to help him overcome his nerves.

When we started I really didn’t loosen up, but Youngji brought that side out of me.

— Seungkwan

Together they managed to complete a fun performance video, and their styles of singing meshed well.

Youngji adorably reassured Seungkwan that they were having fun and that he didn’t need to worry. It seems that Seungkwan is such a professional that he wanted everything to be perfect!

We’re just enjoying ourselves.

— Youngji

Seungkwan thanked Youngji for her support and even commented that though she is younger than him, she was able to help guide the collaboration.

Youngji’s 4 years younger than me, but she led me like an older sister. Thanks Youngji!

— Seungkwan

Youngji was just as thankful toward Seungkwan. She expressed that she was honored by the opportunity to work with him considering she started as a CARAT.

Youngji: I started out as a young CARAT, and today I even collabed with Mr. Boo.

Seungkwan: You were in 9th grade…

Youngji: I’m so honored.

Seungkwan: …when you commented on Hoshi‘s fancam.

Youngji: Even though I commented on Hoshi’s video, what matters is who my bias is now.

Though Seungkwan was a little nervous, he didn’t need to be! Fans loved the energy this duo brought to the stage and thought their voices blended together perfectly.

You can check out the performance video here!


Source: YouTube