That One Time When SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Hilariously Struggled To Order Starbucks Drinks In English

We’re proud of you Seungkwan

On an episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, three of SEVENTEEN‘s members explored Los Angeles and found their way to a Starbucks.

Unfortunately, the members who went on a Starbucks run were not any of the fluent English speakers in the group (Joshua and Vernon).

Instead, members JeonghanDK, and Seungkwan bravely faced the English speaking cashier and tried their best to order coffee. The situation was quite hilarious.

DK announced to the viewer that Seungkwan would be the one to courageously order for the three of them: “we came to Starbucks and Seungkwan will make an order.

Despite the members being nervous, they challenged themselves to use some advanced English and ask about Starbuck’s limited drink the “Unicorn Frappuccino.”

Once again, DK amusingly dumped the task onto Seungkwan while laughing: “please ask them about that drink in English.”

Seungkwan was ordering the drinks fine with the help of Jeonghan and DK was gave an impressed facial expression. It wasn’t until DK reminded Seungkwan about the Unicorn Frappuccino: “limited, limited.

This is where we see Seungkwan hilariously struggle. He almost finished his question using all English until his last few words “있어요” which means, “to have ”

Excuse me, um. Can I? Uhh.. I have a question. In U.S…only…America. Starbucks…limited beverage… 있어요?

— Seungkwan

While Seungkwan nervously asked the cashier his question, Jeonghan and DK couldn’t help but smile and giggle.

The cashier later figured out what the three were trying to order when Seungkwan said the name of the drink. Unfortunately, the limited drink was not being sold anymore. So many could say, Seungkwan struggled for nothing. But Carats are still proud!

The story gets even funnier when the cashier said “17” (as in $17.00) and the members were shocked! They thought she recognized them but funnily enough, it was just their total.

Once the cashier clarified, the members shared that they were a K-Pop group called SEVENTEEN: “Korean singer. Group name is SEVENTEEN.”

The trip ended well and Seungkwan seemed to gain more confidence in his English speaking skills: “I can speak good English.

Check out the hilarious moment below: