SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals The Only Difference Between Him And Mingyu

He said they’re exactly the same, except…

In a recent episode of Knowing Bros featuring SEVENTEEN members, Seungkwan and Mingyu revealed why even though they have similar bright and outgoing personalities, Seungkwan can let it shine as to Mingyu “isn’t allowed to”.


When Mingyu was asked to introduce himself, he simply stated, “I’m Mingyu, the tallest member of SEVENTEEN – that’s it” and backed off. Mingyu’s fans, who already know Mingyu’s true loud and proud characteristic, wondered why Mingyu wasn’t being his silly self on set…


… when he pointed out, “It’s better that I cut my introduction short, since we have so many members. They’ll thank me later for it.”


But show host and comedian Kim Young Chul caught Mingyu’s enthusiasm and guessed that he’s actually one of the more talkative members, which Seungkwan verified.

Young Chul: He usually talks a lot, huh?
Seungkwan: Yeah, he and I have the same personality.


Seungkwan playfully added, however, that Mingyu is “controlled by the agency” to keep quiet because he is more so the visual member, not the comedian!

He doesn’t get to show that side of him too much because the agency wants to keep his ‘visual king’ vibe going.

— Seungkwan


As for Seungkwan, on the other hand, he made fun of himself by sharing the fact that he gets all the freedom in the world to be as talkative as he wants – because the agency has no expectation for him to serve as the group’s main visual. The show hosts, along with the viewers watching at home, got a good laugh out of Seungkwan’s playful exposé!

Young Chul: What does the agency tell you then?
Seungkwan: Oh I get to do whatever I want!


Carats well know though, Seungkwan was completely fooling around. Mingyu isn’t actually under any kind of pressure to keep his personality hidden. Usually, Mingyu is a happy little golden retriever puppy like this…


… and that Seungkwan is as equally strong of a visual as Mingyu!


And together, the two of them are make the cute crazies of SEVENTEEN!


Watch the full clip below: