SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals A Traumatizing Moment He Had With TWICE And TWICE Responded

“I said sorry. How humiliating. Why did I say that?”

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan recently revealed an embarrassing moment he had with the members of TWICE that traumatized him.

During a recent broadcast, Seungkwan shared that in the past, SEVENTEEN and TWICE often had promotions going on at the same time. Many of both group’s comebacks aligned with one another and the two groups would often bump into one another.

We overlapped so much with TWICE. Like ‘Ooh Ahh’ and ‘Mansae’ were overlapped. ‘Pretty U’ and ‘Cheer Up’ were exactly in the same time period. Also, ‘Signal’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ overlapped and ‘Likey’ and ‘Clap.’

— Seungkwan

Seungkwan then revealed, “During ‘Likey’ and ‘Clap,’ something embarrassing happened.” During this encounter, Seungkwan shared that he wanted to make the joke, “If this keeps on happening, how about letting our companies talk and work things out?” However, Seungkwan shared he said the joke in a confusing way. Taken aback, Seungkwan revealed that the members of TWICE were silent.

I cut out a lot of words, ‘If we keep matching, our companies should have a talk.’ And at that moment, the atmosphere just (demonstrates) went like this.

— Seungkwan

Seungkwan stated that at that moment he was incredibly embarrassed and that his members couldn’t even help the awkward situation.

I really wanted to die. It was a moment that even my members couldn’t help save. I didn’t mention anything to my members beforehand. I just said this weird thing by myself.

— Seungkwan

Mortified by his awkward mistake, Seungkwan shared that one thing that remains in his memory is the confused facial expression TWICE’s Momo made.

I still remember Momo’s face. I have trauma. Her expression was something like that (demonstrated Momo’s expression). It was so embarrassing I have goosebumps. I said sorry. How humiliating. Why did I say that?

— Seungkwan

Despite the situation already being quite embarrassing, Seungkwan shared the most embarrassing part is that he feels as if he’s the only one who remembers this moment and played SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop unit’s hit “Trauma.”

Though Seungkwan believed he was traumatized by the moment alone, TWICE’s Momo and Nayeon responded in their recent live broadcast and shared they remember it all as well!

In Momo’s and Nayeon live broadcast, Momo commented, “I think I need to talk about this honestly.” As it was a random comment, Nayeon asked what she was talking about. Once Momo replied, “Boo Seungkwan-ssi,” Nayeon giggled and already knew what this was about.

Momo explained that because her Korean wasn’t as great back then, she couldn’t understand the joke. Nayeon also confirmed that the joke was a bit hard to understand but the members figured out what Seungkwan meant back in their dressing room.

I didn’t quite understand but I didn’t want him to be embarrassed. I just laughed and said thank you. Later when we went to our waiting room, it was explained and we understood it then.

— Nayeon

Momo also explained that she wasn’t able to control her facial expression at the time and sweetly said, “I’m so sorry.” Nayeon and Momo adorably shared, “We didn’t know it became his trauma.”

I guess I couldn’t control my facial expression so I was probably like, ‘Eh?’ I feel very sorry.

— Momo

It seems like Seungkwan and TWICE can finally laugh about the funny moment and Momo related to Seungkwan’s feelings and commented, “If it was me, I’d probably get trauma as well.


Source: Naver TV and Naver TV
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