SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Spills About Mingyu And Jeonghan’s 2-Hour Long Fight

Jeonghan even lost his voice afterward.

With so many members and years of history between them, SEVENTEEN use their live broadcasts to share funny memories with fans.


During a recent one to celebrate his birthday, Seungkwan shared a memory about Jeonghan and Mingyu that had him and the rest of his members laughing over how petty they’d been as trainees.

When Jeonghan and Mingyu encountered the same problem, there was only one way to vent their frustrations at the time. For one and a half hours, they fought nonstop, angrily yelling at each other face to face. Although it sounds serious, it turned out to be funny.

After such a long time had passed, they both got tired of all the energy they wasted fighting each other. It was so tiring that Jeonghan revealed that he’d lost his voice afterward, which had them laughing even harder.

The kicker was what the fight had been over. It hadn’t been because of hurt feelings or crossing each other’s boundaries. On both sides, it had been about not cleaning the practice room. When you look at the two of them now, no one would’ve thought the two had ever fought. Just look at the way Jeonghan is gently taking care of Mingyu.

Having so many people live together and be around each other 24/7, they have an endless amount of stories about fighting with one another. For some of those stories, Seungkwan said they’ll share them later.


Listen to Seungkwan and Jeonghan relive the now funny memory about the petty fight that lasted nearly two hours.