SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Is Still Shy Around TXT, Here’s Why

“When I met TXT…”

Although it’s been a while since HYBE was formed, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan shared that it still took a little getting used to when running into other groups from the company—even for an extrovert like himself.

Seungkwan | @pledis_17/Twitter

As an example, Seungkwan even shared how shy he gets when meeting the members of TXT.

TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Since Seungkwan recently met Bang Si Hyuk, he explained the backstory of how the meeting came to be. Following the merger of the companies, he wanted to be friendly and properly greet everyone.

He imagined how effortlessly the interaction would go. Seungkwan said, “‘Let’s do [well] together at HYBE!’ That’s what I wanted.” It didn’t turn out that way in real life when he actually met TXT, though.

Using his body to demonstrate the interaction, Seungkwan revealed, “When I met TXT [at the] HYBE agency building, we say, ‘Hi,’ awkwardly and leave.

Instead, Seungkwan wanted to be more comfortable with the members. With the friendly leader Soobin in mind, Seungkwan explained how warmly he wanted to greet them. He said, “I want to say, ‘Hi, Soobin. How are you?’ I wanted to be like this.

From how friendly TXT and SEVENTEEN are with other idols, they’ll get over that awkwardness in no time at all.

Soobin | @TXT_members/Twitter

After all, Soobin was just dancing to SEVENTEEN’s hit song “MANSAE” during his live broadcast.

Most people experience that initial period of awkwardness when meeting someone they’re not quite familiar with yet. Check out Seungkwan sharing some of those moments with the TXT members.