SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan And Vernon Were Shook By Choice Between 5 Juns Or A Five-Year-Old Jun

That wasn’t a choice they’d been expecting to make.

For Going SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN had a two-part Debate Night where they had logically illogical debates on the most random topics. One of them was between living as a pigeon for a year, with five other pigeons, or living as a pigeon for a year.

Having seen the episodes and wanting to come up with a funny topic themselves, a fan asked Seungkwan a question at a fan signing event that had him and Vernon completely shook.

The fan asked Seungkwan to choose between living with a five-year-old Jun for one entire year or living with five of him for a year. When Vernon saw the question, his jaw dropped open.

Seungkwan went through two stages. He first held his hands up beside his head, trying to process the question he was seeing.

Seungkwan then gave a slight smirk, as if there was no option that would be a dream come true. Despite their shocked reactions, he did choose one of the two.

Rather than dealing with five of Jun in his normal state, Seungkwan would rather deal with one single Jun, even if he was a five-year-old.

Their dramatic reactions to the question had fans wondering how the rest of SEVENTEEN would react. If they ever have another Debate Night, this is the burning question fans would want answered.