SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan And Woozi Lost It Over Jeonghan’s Cooking Fail

Woozi and Seungkwan tried to hide their reactions 😂

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is full of charms and talents but cooking isn’t one of his skills. When he decorated a cake, the members didn’t hesitate to say it was over-the-top.

And S.Coups showed just how much he wasn’t fond of Jeonghan’s one-of-a-kind creation: a lettuce-wrapped marshmallow. They didn’t hold back their reactions when Jeonghan recently tried to flex his cooking skills, either.

Feeling confident, Jeonghan wanted to show off a bit by flipping his omelet in the air. Like the rest of his cooking adventures, it quickly took a funny turn.

Although the omelet looked like it would land right back in the pan, it caught the edge of the pan and fell.

Since Jeonghan had been so confident, it was funnier for Woozi and Seungkwan. In total synchronization, both of them turned away to laugh and even used their hands as support.

The mishap was so amusing that thousands of fans were laughing along with them. After all, who wants Jeonghan to be a master chef if he delivers funny moments like this?


Source: Twitter