SEVENTEEN Were Shook When Realizing Their Age Gap With New Generation K-Pop Idols

Mingyu had to remind DK they weren’t old yet 😂

When SEVENTEEN celebrated their seventh anniversary since debut through Chapter7:teen, they couldn’t help noticing how young the newer generation of K-Pop idols are and came to the funniest realization.

DK, Mingyu, and Seungkwan. | @pledis_17/Twitter

While they were amazed by how many versions of the iPhone were released over the years, Seungkwan remembered a recent moment with a fourth-generation idol. He told them, “An idol group just debuted, and one of the members didn’t know how to open a slide phone.

The members listened in surprise as Seungkwan revealed that the idol couldn’t figure out “how to open it.

Then all of their jaws dropped to the floor when Seungkwan shared how they finally got the phone open. One of the idol group’s members was able to slide it open only because the phone was so old that their mother had used one.

And then another member was like, ‘I know! My mom had that phone.’

— Seungkwan

They were so shaken by the age gap that DK asked, “Are we dads?

Mingyu couldn’t accept it and said, “We aren’t ancient!” Seungkwan agreed, “We’re still young!” That wasn’t the only time the SEVENTEEN members felt their age difference with younger idols.

Even though Dino is the youngest member and was born in 1999, he felt the age gap as well when noticing that idols born the same year as him are now the leaders of new groups.

Now we have a lot of experience compared to other idols, but other people my age are leaders in their group. If I think about that, that’s when I really feel that.

— Dino

Although the SEVENTEEN members might feel the difference in generation with newer groups, they’re still so young that they haven’t even entered their thirties yet.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Watch SEVENTEEN have a funny mid-life crisis about their age difference with new groups.