SEVENTEEN Shows Support For The LGBTQ+ Community And It’s Everything

It’s very important to Carats.

While in New York City for KCON, SEVENTEEN had an interview with Jeff Benjamin as part of the BUILD Series. One fan had a special request for the group.

Since a lot of Carats are part of the LGBTQA+ community and gained strength from SEVENTEEN, the fan asked if they had any kind words specifically for those fans.

After some discussion, Vernon spoke up. “We’re so thankful you appreciate our music and performances.” And, he really touched fans with his next statement:

I hope we can make a better place together for everybody. For all equal rights.

After Vernon finished answering the question, S.Coups and Wonwoo were seen giving a thumbs up to the fan to further show their support.

SEVENTEEN wants to make all their fans feel special, no matter who they are. Watch them make Carats’ day here.