Here Are The Perfect Songs To Send To Your Crush And Confess Your Love— According To SEVENTEEN

What better way to express your love than through a song?

If you have a crush on someone and need the perfect song to send to them to indirectly confess your love, look no further because SEVENTEEN has your back.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Mingyu suggested their 2016 song “Pretty U,” which is all about promising to confess to a crush. While the song seems to fit the requirements perfectly, Dino had a different idea.

Jun on the other hand went for a more “brave” feel, while Mingyu covered the nervous aspect.

But in the end, the members all agreed that their title track “Ready To Love” from their latest album release is the perfect song to carry a confession of love. Watch the music video for “Ready To Love” below to gather your courage to confess!

Source: Feature Image and MTV