SEVENTEEN Deemed K-Pop’s Next Global History-Making Group

Seventeen has been named the next global history maker by Dazed magazine, following BTS.

Seventeen’s latest album Al1 has captured the attention of not only Billboard but also British publication Dazed.

The album itself debuted at the number 2 spot on Billboard’s World Album Chart after selling the most number of copies for the group.

The title track “Don’t Wanna Cry” is also currently number 3 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart.

This is not surprising as all of their album releases have made it onto the top 10 of Billboard’s World Album Chart.

In an interview with Dazed, they talked about their growth as a group and producing their own music.

“The fact that we self-produce allows more time for the members to talk to each other more, and through those interactions we’re able to develop this great teamwork that represents SEVENTEEN.”


“As time goes by we feel more responsibility towards our performances and the need to become artists that our fans are proud of… All 13 members really grew internally, and we’ll try our best to show better performances and versions of ourselves.”


They also talked about the close relationship between the members and being apart from each other.

“Of course we feel a bit empty when we’re apart because we’re always together normally, but it still feels like we’re together because we video-call, voice-call and message non-stop.”


Both publications seemed to be especially impressed with the impact the group had and their amazing self-production abilities.

It looks like Seventeen might just be the next group to capture the hearts of the American music industry.

Source: Dazed, Billboard

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