SEVENTEEN Spills On Why Seungkwan And DK Is The Wildest Drinking Duo

They couldn’t keep straight faces from DK and Seungkwan’s drunk antics.

Since all of the SEVENTEEN members are old enough to drink, even their maknae Dino, they have more than enough humorous stories to tell from their drunken nights or day drinking.

When the topic came up on SVT Club, they were more than ready to point out why DK and Seungkwan were the most entertaining when they start drinking together.

After quickly thinking through all of the members’ drinking habits, Woozi couldn’t help but to pick out the two who brought everyone amusement: “There are very funny members. Seungkwan and DK are funny.

When Seungkwan and DK have a drink on their own, nothing happens that would make anyone think twice. “They’re okay if they drink separately.” That all changes when the two get together.

Making the members burst into laughter with his accuracy, Woozi revealed that DK and Seungkwan start to go at it: “But, they fight when they drink together.” Even though they’re not clearheaded, there’s a reason behind the fighting.

Woozi explained that they become competitive to find out who can keep drinking all the drinks, “To decide who’s the better drinker.Vernon couldn’t agree more, “That’s right,” while Mingyu fought to hold back his own laughter.

They even gave everyone an example of what happens when they drink together. Seungkwan made his eyes droopy as he became the tipsy version of himself, “And then I go like this, ‘Your eyes lost focus.’” DK did the same, leaving part of his mouth drooping as well, “‘My eyes are?’

After the two have had all they can drink, Jeonghan revealed how their night usually ends. “They keep on drinking and then fall asleep.S.Coups noted that it would never end in victory for either of them, “No one wins.

Vernon summed up why it was so amusing for them all to witness. Since Seungkwan and DK aren’t the best at holding their alcohol, competing against each other was a sure way to get them drunk and saying the funniest things. “They’re not good at drinking, and they battle.

Even though DK and Seungkwan’s competitive sides make a drinking match unavoidable, the wildest part is the funniness that happens afterward. SEVENTEEN knows they can depend on the two for a good time.