SEVENTEEN’s Struggles In First Documentary “HIT THE ROAD” Is Making Everyone Emotional

Since they’ve always shown their happy sides, they’re ready to share their struggles.

For the first time since their debut in 2015, SEVENTEEN will be opening up to fans in an entirely new way. Through their upcoming documentary SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD, the group will show some of their toughest moments and speak about their innermost feelings.

In the recently released teaser, they gave Carats just enough of a look at their struggles to make everyone emotional.

Before Hoshi prepared to go on stage, they noticed how he had to hype himself up to be the big ball of sunshine that everyone expected him to be. Looking into a mirror, he urged, “You need to go on stage smiling.”

In a separate scene, DK followed Hoshi’s lead, showing another side that was different than his usual self.

Taking a step back from being funny, he began to open up about the image he has of being, “Seemingly dumb…” indicating that he’s most likely not fond of it.

What really had Carats emotional was seeing Wonwoo laid out on the floor, with people by his side to help him through it.

The fact that they put his health before anything else made it that much more touching, “Make way! Filming isn’t a priority now! Make some room!”

Another scene that shocked fans was Hoshi’s use of an oxygen mask. Although SEVENTEEN’s choreography is demanding, some didn’t know it took that much of a toll on them.

As the leader, S.Coups carries a lot of responsibility—especially for being in charge of twelve members. Taking a moment to get honest about his feelings, he tearfully said, “I hated myself during those times.”

While fans don’t yet know what he’s referring to, that didn’t stop them from feeling his pain.

From such a brief look at the struggles that SEVENTEEN goes through, it proves they’re not robots who merely dance in sync like some believe.

They’re individuals with their own thoughts and feelings who struggle but work hard together to achieve the same dream. Watch the eye-opening teaser for SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD here.