SEVENTEEN Takes The MBTI Test And Are Amazed By Their Personality Types

“Wow, that’s so creepy.”

On the recent episode of SEVENTEEN‘s Going SEVENTEEN, they took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to figure out their personality types.


With thirteen members and sixteen types, they expected to have an assortment of outcomes. But, Seungkwan pointed out that they only had five between all of them.

The Passionate Mediators of the group are S.Coups, Jun, Hoshi, and D.K. This type always shows positive sides of themselves, even in the worst situations, and tries their best to make everything better. They’re essentially true idealists.

At first, Hoshi and S.Coups weren’t so sure. But, it fit them so well that Hoshi couldn’t deny it and S.Coups called it creepy.

The Witty Activists are Seungkwan and Vernon who everyone viewed as having completely different personalities. This type are occasionally mood makers and are happy from close social and emotional ties. They’re attractive, independent, active, and good-hearted, making up 7% of the world’s population.

After hearing all their traits, both Vernon and Seungkwan agreed that it was accurate. They found out they were more similar than everyone originally thought.

The Good Advocates are Wonwoo, Woozi, and The8. This type makes up less than 1% of the population. They have deeply rooted utopic and ethical ideas, know exactly how to state their opinions, and fight relentlessly for what they think is right.

All three of them couldn’t deny how accurately they fit their type.

The Righteous Social Activists are Mingyu, Joshua, and Dino. This type are leaders who have charisma and passion. They truly believe and lead people, think and worry about others, and tend to become really emotional.

Everyone, even the three themselves, were amazed by how perfectly the description fit.

The sole Brave Defender is Jeonghan. This type doesn’t fit into their own description because their tendencies vary and are hard to define. But, that’s their strength and makes them stand out. They also make up 13% of the population and is said to be the best personality to do so.

Since one of the famous celebrities with this type is Captain America, Vernon could see him in Jeonghan because it was so accurate. And, Woozi told him to carry a shield on his back from then on.

All in all, SEVENTEEN were impressed with how well their results matched them, even if they didn’t agree with every single description. Listen to them talk about their results and explain the types here.