SEVENTEEN’s The8 Shares What The Best And Worst Part Of Being In Love Is

His answer was so like him!

SEVENTEEN is back with new mini album Your Choice, and it’s filled with songs that reflect a more mature perspective on love.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

In an interview with MTV, the members talk all about love, from their views on the tender emotion to how it impacts their life. One particular question directed at The8 asked his opinion on what the best and worst part of being in love is.

But true to his humble and reflective nature, he still gave a thoughtful response of his take on love. He shared that he experiences many different types of love in his day to day life from his members, Carats, and family, and within these types of love lies a whole range of emotions.

And he’s come to truly cherish these emotions as he experiences more of the various emotions that come with love.

While he wasn’t able to give a definitive answer to the question, his sincere response was more than enough.

Source: Feature Image and MTV


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