SEVENTEEN The8’s Cure For Hoshi’s Tiger Obsession Had Them Losing It

Woozi and DK weren’t the only ones loving the idea.

In the second half of SEVENTEEN‘s GOING SEVENTEEN ad-lib challenge, The8 cracked the group up when offering a fitting solution to cure Hoshi‘s well-known tiger agenda.

The8 and Hoshi.

When The8 pointed to a photo of Hoshi, he couldn’t go without saying, “His nickname is Tiger, right?

Aware of how much Hoshi loved tigers, DK was quick to confirm what everyone knew. That’s when The8 began to offer a suggestion, “Put him into a tiger cage…

Before The8 could finish his sentence, DK and Woozi immediately clapped and burst into laughter. The8 then completed his thought, “…and make him live for a day with the tigers.

Woozi jumped out of his seat shouting, “That’s great!S.Coups walked from one end of the room to the other just to give The8 a high-five for the clever idea.

It inspired Woozi to give an old saying a whole new meaning. He said, “Even if he comes to his senses in a tiger’s den, he’ll die!” Even Hoshi had to laugh as Seungkwan gave Woozi a high-five.

Hoshi’s extreme love for tigers always sparks joy. Watch The8 and Woozi make the others laugh with their “Removing Horanghae Project” here.