SEVENTEEN’s THE8 Opens Up About The Difficulties Of Working In A Foreign Country

“What I have felt while living in another country is…”

SEVENTEEN‘s charming member, THE8, recently participated in an interview and pictorial with Arena Homme Plus where he opened up on several personal subjects.

As many Carats know, SEVENTEEN has two Chinese members, Jun and THE8. In his interview, shared the several difficulties he’s experienced with working in a foreign country.

Q: Working in a foreign country must be hard.

Sometimes, even when I reached my goals and got everything I wanted, I wouldn’t feel too happy. Yes, I had my teammates by my side… but what if they all have things on their minds too? And because I’m not the type of person who says everything that comes to mind, I usually end up not sharing too much about my struggles. I don’t want to trouble them anymore. I would never be able to tell Carats because they would worry a lot. For me, it has always been about overcoming things alone. That feels like the right thing to do for me. And that’s why I started meditating.

— THE8

Despite the hardships THE8 goes through, he revealed the exciting aspect of living in Korea!

Q: that’s great that you’re very wise and healthy. When living in a foreign place, you can find a new side of yourself. Have you ever found a different side of yourself?

What I have felt while living in another country is that it is easy to find yourself. In order to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, I’m constantly thinking and in the process of contemplating myself, I always discover my new image. That part is interesting. Even now, I am still exploring who I am.

— THE8

Luckily, THE8 has a great way to keep his mind clear and positive! As he mentioned previously, THE8 has taken up meditating. According to THE8, meditating has definitely helped him through difficult times.

Q: You said you like meditating? That’s unique?

While I doing SEVENTEEN promotions, my schedules is packed and I wanted to be still on the holidays. Meditation is done to control yourself. At first, I could only meditate for 2 or 3 minutes, but now, for a short one (meditation), I can do 20 minutes and 30 minutes for a long one. Rather than being active and using my body, I want to have a refine my heart and mind.

— THE8

Q: What motivated you to start (meditating)?

A lot had happened about a year and a half ago. There was a lot to think about and it was hard. Can I say I was exhausted? I thought I shouldn’t let this feeling last for a long time, so I tried meditation as a ways to relieve it.

— THE8

Source: Arena Homme Plus