The Downside Of SEVENTEEN The8’s New Hair Color Left Them Laughing

Wonwoo and S.Coups weren’t ready.

As the boys of SEVENTEEN shared some of their TMIs of the day with MTV News, The8 cracked them up with a funny fact about his new red hair color.


When it was The8’s turn to share, he said, “Ever since I dyed my hair red, every time I shower, there’s blood everywhere.

It was such a shock that they couldn’t resist laughing. S.Coups tried to clarify by saying, “Splatters of red all over your body?!” The8 agreed, “Yes, it always looks like there’s blood all over me.

As they laughed, Vernon and Joshua tried to explain that it was less horrifying than it sounded because it wasn’t “actual blood.

Joshua made them laugh even harder as he said, “Like, red dye comes out and splatters on his body whenever he showers.

For The8’s hair to look so bright and rich, he must see quite a lot of red dye whenever it gets wet.

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