SEVENTEEN’s The8 Exposes Hoshi’s Hilarious Drunk Toilet Story

We love “Drunkventeen.”

As many Carats know, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi can get adorably chaotic when he’s drunk. The8 had a particular story that definitely proved this during an episode of SVT Club. 

While discussing the drinking behaviors of SEVENTEEN, The8 brought up a funny story about Hoshi. The8 started off by revealing that, “Hoshi isn’t that strong. But he keeps on drinking when someone gives him the drink.” At this point, all Carats know they are about to get a hilarious story of adorable drunk Hoshi.

The8 went into further detail and explained, “There was a funny episode in the past. He drank a lot and then he disappeared. I checked later, and he was sleeping holding the toilet.” 

Poor Hoshi tried to explain himself, but… 

… before he could, Seungkwan interrupted and claimed, “You were drunk. You can’t explain it. You were drunk. What more could you say?

Desperate to redeem himself, Hoshi begged, “Please listen to me once.

Hoshi then told the story of how he ended up hugging the toilet.

It was after the concert in Korea. We have a lot of staff members. We have many hair and makeup artists. Staff for performance and staff for our company. We did the get together once. Regardless of drinking, I should go visit each person and say thank you.

But there were just so many staff members and I had to drink a lot. I went only one round, and my head was going crazy. I went to the washroom, thinking that this is not good and I fell asleep.

— Hoshi

Trying not to expose themselves any further, Seungkwan tried to move on from the topic of drinking and asked, “How much script do we have about drinking?” To which the whole room laughed. 

Seungkwan jokingly claimed, “We might be Drunkventeen.

It’s okay Seungkwan! Carats love hearing about “Drunkventeen!

Check out the clip below:


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