SEVENTEEN’s The8 Flipping A Table And Shouting A Badass Message Is Peak Rebellion

“Hey, stop! Don’t act up!” – Mingyu

For episode thirty-nine of SEVENTEEN‘s GOING SEVENTEEN 2020, Joshua took the lead as the host—until things became hilariously chaotic. One segment that the group tried to save was letting out their stress and flipping a table. While others couldn’t get out their words without bursting into laughter, The8 surprised them all with his inspirational message.

As soon as he sat down at the petite table, he slammed his hand on it to let everyone know he meant business. The8 didn’t hesitate to let out his stress, “Why do we have to do what you tell us?

The unexpected anger had all of them bursting into laughter from how sudden it was. To make sure The8 didn’t get out of hand, Mingyu shouted, “Hey, stop! Don’t act up!

Even S.Coups was a bit worried, immediately standing up and keeping watch over how the scene would play out.

Breaking character for only a brief moment, The8 smiled, “And why?” He quickly continued, “Why don’t I live the life I want?” By then, all of the members realized where he was taking it.

Rather than merely venting his stress, The8 was sending an inspirational message for youth to live freely. Before flipping the table high into the air, he shouted, “Let’s all live a beautiful life!

Watch The8 tap into his acting skills to deliver a passionate message about making your own path here.


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