Female Lead From SEVENTEEN The8’s “Hai Cheng” Gains Attention For Her Visuals

Everyone can’t get over how stunning she is.

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 released his new song “Hai Cheng”, along with a music video that had everyone in their feels and trying to figure out its multiple meanings.

Fans also noticed how stunning the female lead in the music video was, loving the sweet scenes where she danced with The8. They soon found her on Instagram and were amazed by her visuals.

The female lead turned out to be a young woman named Lee Hyun Young, who even shared some behind-the-scenes photos from filming.

Lee Hyun Young | @hingmung/Instagram

Falling for Lee Hyun Young’s beauty, Carats were quick to compliment her on how well she did in “Hai Cheng” and gushed over her visuals in the comments of her Instagram.

| @hingmung/Instagram

Fans also took to Twitter to talk about Lee Hyun Young being “so pretty” and “so attractive.

While Lee Hyun Young looked stunning with short hair and bangs, she looked just as beautiful with long hair as well.

| @hingmung/Instagram

She also showed off her slim figure, small waist, and long legs that complimented her visuals.

| @hingmung/Instagram

Whenever The8 is filming a music video, he never fails to find a female lead that’s stunning.