SEVENTEEN THE8’s Latest Hobby Makes Him “Think About The Meaning Of Life”

It’s a hobby that he’s grown a strong connection with.

In Cosmopolitan Korea‘s latest interview with SEVENTEEN, the group’s four lovely members THE8, Mingyu, Wonwoo, and Jeonghan answered a series of fun questions!

Because the group members are talented in several areas, fans are always curious to know what their latest hobbies have been. To give the fans an update, THE8 was asked, what’s “THE8’s recent hobby?

THE8 revealed his latest hobby is actually one he’s been consistently partaking. According to THE8, this continuing hobby is one that creates a pretty big impact on him!

Recently, I’ve just been continuing with last year’s hobby. This year I’m going deeper into the tea ceremony.

— THE8

THE8 explained the great significance behind doing tea ceremonies and why he has continued to do it as a hobby from last year.

If I say this, this might sound a little…but these days, while drinking tea, I drink tea and think about the meaning of life. It’s a hobby that gives me a big energy.

— THE8

From THE8’s words, it sounds like tea ceremonies make THE8 very happy and he confirmed this in another question that followed. Later in the interview, THE8 was asked, “What makes THE8 happiest?”

Though THE8 answered, “Myself” at first, he explained his answer in further detail after Mingyu shared his own answer for THE8’s question.

Mingyu added in after THE8’s first answer and shared he thought THE8 would have said “Tea ceremony.”

THE8 conveyed that tea ceremonies are definitely apart of making him happy and that anything he gets the chance to do makes him happy.

That’s one of the things. Yes, good job (to Mingyu). Just the fact that I’m able to do what I want makes me happy.

— THE8

Check out the video below: