SEVENTEEN’s THE8 Dishes On His New Found Romantic Side

“If you have a romantic heart inside you, you…”

In an interview with Arena Homme Plus, SEVENTEEN‘s multi-talented THE8 discussed a newly discovered side to himself!

In his interview, THE8 revealed he has been able to find new sides to himself through his time living in Korea. Among the several newly found sides of himself, THE8 revealed he likes his romantic side the most.

Q: Among the new sides that you’ve found, which one do you like the most?

How I’m unexpectedly romantic.

— THE8

Of course, many Carats would argue that THE8 has always had a romantic side; however, THE8 explained how his romantic side has grown much deeper than before.

Q: Wasn’t there a romantic side before?

In the past, when I looked at the sky, I said, ‘Wow, it’s pretty.’ I couldn’t think of anything anymore. Now, when I look at the sky, my mind is enriched. The sky is like art, and under such a clear sky, I feel like a tiny being, and I accept everything with gratitude. In reality, we often go through cruel and cold things. Nevertheless, if you have a romantic heart inside you, you can feel the warmth even in such a cold world.

— THE8

As many know, one of THE8’s greatest romantic aspects is his talent and interest in art, fashion, and more!

Q: You enjoy a variety of hobbies. Panting, tea ceremony, fashion. THE8 who has a clear taste, we’re curious about what you’re like at home.

On one side of my room, I have paintings and LPs piled up. and I go around wearing a shower gown. I really love shower gowns. My members are used to it now. I wear a shower gown when I’m on a video call with my mom, and when she looks at me she says, ‘You’re like the main character in a movie at home.’

— THE8

As to where he gets his inspiration for his art, THE8 shared that paintings are just a way to express his emotions.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for paintings?

They just express my complex emotions. The emotions within me that I only understand.

— THE8

THE8 then revealed his most memorable work and the story behind why the work is so memorable is quite intriguing.

Q: Is there any personal work that’s most memorable for you?

When I was in the midst of painting. I saw a documentary by a Korean artist who has been studying Suseok (rocks that resemble natural landscapes) for their whole life. I thought their philosophical mindset towards stones was impressive and I got a new perspective about suseok.

One day, I found a unique stone that was stuck in between two walls. When I examined the stone closer, the stone was heart-shaped. I looked at the stone and was very overwhelmed. Right away, I took a photo, and for 3 months, I turned it into a painting. The fact that such a peculiar stone appeared in front of my eyes just when I was studying about stones; it was fate.

— THE8

With THE8 always discussing his artwork, many Carats are curious to know whether or not he would showcase them one day.

Q: Do you have any plants to revealing your paintings?

In the future, after some time passes, I want to hold an exhibition. Because they’re very heavy ad meaningful work to me, I don’t want to just reveal them on the internet.

— THE8

Furthermore, THE8 revealed he desires to work on something huge! And instead of having a planned out theme, THE8 commented he merely wants to work according to what he’s feeling and the things surrounding him.

Something big. A giant work, as big as the studio wall. With music on and a glass of wine in one hand, while I dance, I want to express the emotions that I feel. There’s no object nor theme. I just improvise according to the weather, sunshine, wind, music, and the wine at the moment!

— THE8

Source: Arena Homme Plus