SEVENTEEN’s The8 Proves His Style Icon Status By Helping Jun Look His Best

The8 couldn’t stop himself from stepping in.

Out of all thirteen members in SEVENTEENThe8 stands out when it comes to fashion. Everything he wears from hairstyle to clothing is always iconic.


When he spotted one of his members struggling to fix their look, he couldn’t sit still.

During one of the groups’ fan signing events, Jun couldn’t seem to figure out how to fix his tie.

The8 saw this and jumped into action, or at least tried to. Jun brushed him off by taking his tie from The8’s hands.

The8 couldn’t leave him looking dishevelled, though. He latched back onto Jun’s tie and made sure it looked just like it should.

The8 takes his fashion seriously and will step in if one of his members need help. Watch him make sure Jun’s look was perfect.