SEVENTEEN’s THE8 Reveals How Shy He Got While Acting In His “Side By Side” Music Video

“I can act well on stage but for this…”

If you’ve seen SEVENTEEN THE8‘s music video for his hit “Side By Side,” then you are well aware of how amazing his acting skills are!

Carats already know of THE8’s incredible talent in dancing and singing, however, many were impressed by his acting in his new MV.

In his recently released “Side By Side” behind-the-scenes video, THE8 revealed how hard he prepared for the MV’s various acting scenes. During a moment of his behind-the-scenes video, THE8 shared with the viewers how he had taken acting lessons in preparation for the music video.

Though THE8 is always able to express himself through his incredible dancing, he explained that acting in his music video and carrying out a whole plot was something he wasn’t used to.

I really think acting’s part of what we do on stage. I think that I can act well on stage but for this, since there are other people around me and I have to act near them I feel tense and kind of embarrassed.

— THE8

THE8 revealed that this project has definitely made him realize new things about himself. Because he felt “Tense and embarrassed” while acting with others, THE8 shared he discovered himself to be a shy person. Regardless, THE8 claimed it was all enjoyable.

Through this project. I realized that I’m a very shy person. It is a fun experience, of course.

— THE8

All of THE8’s hard work and preparation for his acting scenes all paid off as he was a natural when the shooting took place!

Joshua, who came to support THE8 at his music video shooting, specifically mentioned THE8’s hard work towards acting and expressed how proud he was of him.

I’m here at THE8’s solo music video shoot. I felt so proud. THE8 took acting lessons just for this. I think you can really look forward to it. Please look forward to THE8’s acting, as he worked hard. Fighting! THE8!

— Joshua

Hoshi also made his way to the shooting site to support THE8. In need of advice, THE8 asked Hoshi for some acting advice: “What should I do? How do you want it to look?” Hoshi of course offered his opinion and suggested, “I think it should look…innocent?

Hoshi’s advice and THE8’s time and effort towards his MV definitely worked out well as THE8 is stunning in it!

Check out the video below: