SEVENTEEN’s THE8 Reveals The Secret To His Amazing Style

THE8 always looks amazing!

As many Carats know, SEVENTEEN‘s THE8 has amazing taste in fashion! From his stylish clothing to his unique accessories, THE8 is definitely one of the group’s biggest fashionistas! So what’s his secret to looking so amazing all the time? THE8 answered that very question in an interview with Arena Homme Plus!

During his interview, THE8 answered several fun questions and showed off his artistic side as he designed a tote bag with his own drawing!

One of the questions asked, “What do you care about the most in your fashion?” Like many other people, THE8 shared he dresses according to his mood as well as the weather.

Usually when I wear clothes, I choose clothes according to the mood and weather.

— THE8

Furthermore, THE8 revealed that the most important thing about fashion to him is simply wearing what makes you happy and comfortable.

Fashion is more about satisfying myself than showing it to others. If it satisfies me, I think it’s over.

— THE8

According to THE8 dressing for yourself and not others is key to looking and feeling good! THE8’s advice must be right as he always looks stunning. Just check out these gorgeous looks below:

Clearly, THE8 knows how to look amazing!

Check out THE8’s interview with Arena Homme Plus below: