If You Thought SEVENTEEN’s The8 Was Savage In Korean, He’s Even Funnier In Spanish

His roasting of Jeonghan was taken to a whole new level of funny 😂

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 doesn’t hold back when it concerns being honest. From getting real about how he’ll live his life in the future to talking about his members’ true personalities, nothing is off the table.

In the second half of Going SEVENTEEN‘s Four Wheeled Rider special, he had no problem giving Jeonghan a hilarious reality check. What made it funnier was what his words meant when translated into Spanish.

True to his nature, Jeonghan tried to find a way to make the objective easier for himself. Being upfront about what he’d planned, he asked the members, “Can I cheat?” Not phased by the question, Seungkwan asked a question of his own, “How will you do it?”

Jun didn’t even need to see a demonstration. He knew all too well what Jeonghan would end up doing. He shouted, “You cheat even when you don’t tell us!” That was all it took to rile The8 up.

Stepping out to face Jeonghan, The8 worried for his well-being. He bluntly asked, “Why do you cheat so much?” Although his serious face of concern combined with his question was hilarious, fans noticed it was funnier when reading the Spanish translations.

The8’s question then became the hilariously observant, “Why do you live your life like this?” That wasn’t the only language that had the funny translation.

The8’s question held the same meaning in Indonesian as well.

With the funnier translation in mind, now it makes more sense why SEVENTEEN were laughing as hard as they were.

Have a laugh at how The8 can go from one level of savage to another only by changing the subtitles.