SEVENTEEN The8 Was Unimpressed By “I-LAND’s” Heeseung Forgetting Their Dance

Everyone was amused by the cover-up—except mentor The8.

For the latest airing of the survival show I-LAND, the trainees split into two groups to perform two of SEVENTEEN‘s hits. One practiced the powerful and complicated “HIT” while the other took on the fun and easy-going “Pretty U”.

Since Big Hit Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment are now connected through shares, the group appeared on the show to see the trainees themselves. Upon seeing one trainee take on their dance, The8 hadn’t been all too impressed.

After seeing each team perform as a whole, Hoshi taught them how to do it in a relay, one member dancing right after another. Heeseung kicked it off for the “HIT” team. Everything seemed to be going fine until he started smiling. It signaled that he wasn’t entirely confident and had a trick up his sleeve. He soon revealed what it was.

In the second half of his relay dance, Heeseung spun around and discarded the choreography altogether. Instead, he randomly thrust a couple of times. All the trainees burst into laughter by the unexpected turn the dance took. Even SEVENTEEN were amused; Hoshi, Dino, and Jun were cracking up. There was only one person who wasn’t.

While Hoshi clapped and the others laughed beside him, The8 didn’t move one inch. Standing as still as a statue, he just stared at Heeseung after his stunt. With his eyes narrowed and his mouth in a tight line, it was hard to figure out what he was thinking. From the contrast in the reactions between him and the other members, he didn’t appear quite as enthusiastic.

If you’ve seen The8 as a mentor on the second season of the Chinese show Idol Producer, you know he takes the position very seriously by both enforcing high standards and treating them with kindness. Since they were having a bit of fun but still evaluating the trainees, no wonder The8 was taken aback by the unexpected playfulness while in his mentor mode.

Check out The8 showing such a The8 reaction to Heeseung’s cover-up for forgetting SEVENTEEN’s dance here.