WayV’s Xiaojun Reveals His Adorable Friendship With SEVENTEEN’s The8

They’re so wholesome!

WayV‘s Xiaojun revealed his and SEVENTEEN‘s The8‘s adorable and wholesome friendship during his live on Weibo.

| 威神V_肖俊_XIAOJUN/Weibo

A fan had asked if Xiaojun finished reading Kite Runner, to which he replied that he finished it last month. He shared that he hasn’t bought any books recently because “I don’t have any Chinese books over here, so I can only borrow books. And if I borrow books, I can only borrow them from SEVENTEEN’s The8 because he has a lot.

| 威神V_肖俊_XIAOJUN/Weibo

The two of them even watched the movie together last month after he finished the book!

| 徐明浩_The8/Weibo

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle, another Chinese member from NCT, also revealed his close friendship with The8 back in December of last year. He shared on Weibo that he learned meditation from him, and now meditates in the morning for 10 minutes.