SEVENTEEN’s The8 Once Went To Eat And Catch Fish With Just Mingyu’s Father

Mingyu was a bit surprised!

It seems that the SEVENTEEN members are quite close to each other’s families, as the members often hang out with each other’s family members. During a recent episode of Knowing Brothers, it was revealed that The8 once even went to eat and catch fish with just Mingyu‘s father!


The8 shared that Mingyu’s parents always take good care of him. Mingyu’s parents even want The8 to view them as his “Korean parents”.

So, one day when Mingyu had a schedule to go to, The8 got bored and decided to give Mingyu’s father a call. Mingyu’s father ended up asking The8 if he wanted to go fishing together, which he accepted.

That day when Mingyu got off his schedule, he called The8 to see if he wanted to go out to eat. However, The8 then told him that he had already eaten with his father. Mingyu was surprised and asked him, “You had a meal with my dad?”

Here are the full videos below!


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