SEVENTEEN Tweeted These Special Pictures And They Became The Perfect Gift For Carats

What a way to stay connected!

SEVENTEEN‘s official Twitter account tries its best to satisfy its 4.3M follower Carats’ needs by sharing the most precious memories shared among the members.


And of all the contents posted on its feed, Carats especially appreciate these gorgeous lockscreen background pictures for their cellphones!


These “wallpapers”, though can seem ordinary, hold special meaning for SEVENTEEN members and Carats alike. The backgrounds in these pictures are actually from SEVENTEEN’s previous MV sets.


These have become the perfect way for Carats to remember and celebrate each of SEVENTEEN’s precious bops! From SEVENTEEN’s most recent release, “HIT” and its MV set, these lockscreens were created and shared:


And Carats are in love with the aesthetics! Plus, they get to celebrate the huge success that SEVENTEEN had with the song and the music video too. Fans also find it exciting to figure out when the background came out in the music video!


Check out how the background in the music video and the wallpaper are matching, but the wallpaper versions are more like simple reminders of the song and the members.


Some Carats pointed out that SEVENTEEN’s lockscreen background pictures are subtle enough for daily use, but significant enough for the fans to be reminded of their biases too. They can’t help but praise SEVENTEEN’s Twitter for these perfectly balanced images!


Carats on Twitter have tweeted screenshots of their phones with the SEVENTEEN wallpaper applied. What a clever way for SEVENTEEN to stay connected with their fans every single day!

And of course, SEVENTEEN has actually been doing this for a while. From “Home”…


… to “Oh My!”, SEVENTEEN know exactly what Carats want!


For past albums’ backgrounds, check out the Twitter hashtag #17_background!

Source: THEQOO