This Is SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, Also Known As K-Pop’s Cutest Wild Roaming Buffalo

He has the best horns too! 🤘

SEVENTEEN‘s performances are well known, not only for their incredible synchronization, but also for their creative dance movements that closely relate to the lyrics being sung. And while fans love all songs and their artistic choreographies, Carats’ new favorite is most definitely Vernon‘s “Steel-Horned Buffalo” move.


For their latest bop “HIT”, Vernon sings the words, “Like a steel-horned buffalo, charge forward”. And in the meanwhile, he holds his fist up to his head, with two fingers pointing out to portray a buffalo’s horns…


… and charges at the camera!


Being quite literal, but also iconic and eye-catching, this “Buffalo” dance move has been more than enough to grab the attention of Carats!


Vernon is now nicknamed “Hansol the Buffalo” and absolutely adored among fans.


Here’s to the most gorgeous buffalo you’ll ever see: