SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Forgot His Own Name, And The Members Lost It

Tell me you’re Vernon without telling me you’re Vernon 😂

Sometimes, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon gets lost in his own world—on his own planet. When he forgot his own name during an interview, the members didn’t hide how amused they were by his funny habit.


At the beginning of their sit-down with the Zach Sang Show, the members introduced themselves like they usually do—until Vernon surprised them by switching things up. Vernon caused some confusion by saying, “Hi, I’m Zach.

Following the members’ silence, Vernon immediately realized his slip-up. He said, “Wait! Did I say, ‘Hi, I’m Zach?’” Nearly all of the members laughed and cracked smiles.

When Vernon corrected himself, “Hi, I’m Vernon,” the members burst into laugher. While S.Coups, DK, and Dino laughed it up, Seungkwan said what some of them were thinking, “I thought you were joking.

Joshua thought the same, “I thought it was a joke too.” Vernon explained that it had all been because he was thinking of Zach Sang‘s name, making Seungkwan, S.Coups, and DK laugh harder.

Even so, the members couldn’t resist poking fun at the moment. They jokingly asked him for his name and called him Zach. DK played along, shaking Vernon’s hand and pretending to meet him for the first time.

Though Vernon isn’t always trying to be a comedian, he effortlessly causes laughter by just being himself. Who can’t relate to having a similar slip-up?

Watch Vernon bust out his natural funniness to bring joy to SEVENTEEN and Carats here.