SEVENTEEN’s Vernon And Hoshi Expose Seungkwan’s “Hypocrisy” About Not Letting Them Near His Bed

Seungkwan wasn’t prepared for the personal attack.

During SEVENTEEN‘s appearance on Idol Room when they figured out who to choose as the member who nags the most, Vernon had something to get off his chest regarding fellow member Seungkwan.

Before anyone else could speak, Vernon announced that Seungkwan doesn’t let them sit on his bed. Hoshi instantly jumped up and applauded him for bringing it up. D.K also agreed, “That’s right!”

It didn’t seem like much of a problem until Vernon elaborated. To Seungkwan’s dislike, Vernon shared Seungkwan’s claim that his bed would get dirty and how that didn’t stop him from sitting on the other members’ beds.

He says it’ll get his bed dirty. But, he sits on other people’s beds just fine.

After hearing Vernon’s story, Hoshi remembered a similar one. Since he enjoys speaking with his members after practice, he would go into Seungkwan’s room and sit on his bed. As soon as he does it, Seungkwan always gives him a death glare. Hoshi couldn’t help but imitate it.

On top of that, Seungkwan finishes it off by telling him to get out and making the gesture with his hand. His retelling of the moment was so accurate that Seungkwan was speechless.

D.K hit the nail on the head by concluding that both incidents were due to Seungkwan being sensitive about his bed. That didn’t stop Vernon and Hoshi from calling out the double standard. Watch them roast Seungkwan about it.