Here Are SEVENTEEN’s Vernon And Joshua’s Favorite Bags That Cost Over $3K

They’re well on their way to spending almost $10K on just bags.

While the average person spends anywhere from $20-300 USD on a single bag, SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua and Vernon flexed by revealing their favorite ones were well over $1,000 USD.

Vernon and Joshua. | @pledis_17/Twitter

The “2 MINUS 1” duo sat down with Vogue Korea to reveal what was in their bags but couldn’t do so without sharing the bags in question. Joshua was happy to show off his “first expensive bag” that he wore every day for three years, wearing it so much that it had scratches on its buckle.

The Saddle Bag is made by the luxury French brand Dior. Joshua’s bag is in the color Black Dior Oblique Jacquard and sells for a nice $3,400 USD. Like Joshua, Vernon also had expensive taste.


While Joshua had his bag for three years, Vernon purchased his backpack less than a year ago. Since his previous backpack “got drenched in rain,” Vernon decided to upgrade to something that would prevent that from happening again.

Being stylish yet practical, Vernon purchased his backpack from the Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta. He chose the Medium Waterproof Leather Backpack that sells for $3,450 USD.


Although their bags come with hefty price tags, the quality seems to be worth the price. Joshua’s bag looks nearly brand new even after three years of constant use.

Watch Vernon and Joshua share the details on their favorite luxury bags they wear daily.

Source: Dior