SEVENTEEN’s Vernon And Joshua Are The Two Types Of Speech Givers

You could be a Vernon, Joshua, or a mix of them both.

For the first episode of SEVENTEEN‘s indoor sports challenge, they split into two teams. Vernon was the leader of one while Joshua was the leader of the other.

To accept their positions as the teams’ leaders, Woozi caught them off guard by suggesting they should each give a short speech. That’s when they showed the two different types of speeches people typically give.

Joshua went first. From the way he calmly looked straight at the camera and confidently clasped his hands together, he meant business.

He then stated his message straightforwardly and concisely, emphasizing every word, “I will lead my team to victory.”

At the end, Joshua nodded as everyone clapped, impressed with his powerful speech. Since it had been done so coolly, the bar had been set high for Vernon.

He wasn’t phased by it at all. While Joshua’s had been well-prepared and thoughtful, Vernon’s was laid-back and spur of the moment. All he did was smile and say, “Yeah.”

From that one single word, he had them clapping and laughing at how “meaningful” it was. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

You could be a Joshua who hits all the main points and emphasizes them for maximum power,

a Vernon who can wing a speech by saying only one idea that can encompass the meaning of everything,

or a mixture of both who can instantly come up with a cohesive and sensible speech on the spot.

Watch the two different types of speeches here to get a better feel for them.