SEVENTEEN’s VERNON Unexpectedly Meets His Doppelgänger On Tour

VERNON was smiling so big!
SEVENTEEN members are happily meeting their CARATs from the United States for their “Ode To You” world tour. The members have also seem to be enjoying wandering around the cities, and are enjoying their free time to go around parks and visit museums.

At the same time, CARATs have also been enjoying their time and are definitely excited to see SEVENTEEN again as it has been roughly three years since they last saw each other.
Some fans were given the opportunity to send all SEVENTEEN members off after the concert ended through a send off benefit where they can bid Seventeen a proper goodbye. The members have been filming the experience and the whole moment looks like a memorable moment for both SEVENTEEN and CARATs!

On their Chicago stop, members VERNON and The8 were in charge to film the send off event and while waving at fans and enjoying their time, they suddenly spotted a fan in the crowd who dressed up as VERNON! The happiness VERNON was feeling was very evident as he immediately smiled the moment he spotted the CARAT who attended the concert dressed up as him!

VERNON nodded at him with a billion dollar smile across his face and The8 made sure to get a shot of the two of them in one frame to make sure the moment will forever be remembered. He even gave the CARAT a fist bump!

The CARAT used the viral VERNON phone case photo as his inspiration which some members of SEVENTEEN including VERNON himself previously used and promoted everywhere!

That CARAT seemed to have made VERNON’s day because he clearly couldn’t hide his amusement!