SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Opened Up About Regretting Appearance On “Show Me The Money”

“I’ve always felt sorry.”

Before SEVENTEEN debuted in 2015, Vernon wanted to do something that would make their name well-known from the start.

When given the opportunity to promote the group and show off his rapping skills through season four of the rap survival show Show Me The Money, he agreed.

Looking back on how the whole experience played out and the backlash towards his performances, Vernon opened up about it to his members in Where’s My Friend’s Hometown.

Since everyone was given the spotlight to discuss whatever was on their mind, Vernon took the serious route and brought up something he’d been holding in, “Although I’m very thankful, I’m also very sorry. I couldn’t talk about this without a heavy heart.”

Recalling those memories from Show Me The Money, Vernon became emotional while putting his thoughts into words, “When we were debuting, I got too greedy, and our team…”

Seeing that Vernon was having a tough time talking about it, leader S.Coups stepped in and soothed his worries. Despite Vernon’s performance on the show, he was just satisfied he’d done it: “What I felt was, [whether] you did well or not, it was fine.”

Finally gathering his thoughts and emotions, Vernon put into words his regret of how he didn’t garner the positive attention they deserved. “It’s nice to make our group famous, but it wasn’t famous in a good way. I’ve always felt sorry, but I didn’t get to say it properly to the members.”

Following his sincere words, the members claimed he didn’t have to worry at all. None of them had thought poorly of him because of it. Vernon was only seventeen at the time and shouldn’t have received all the negative attention he did, especially when he was able to remember his lyrics while senior rappers couldn’t.

With growth and experience, Vernon has become a far better rapper than he was back then. Because there’s no limit to what anyone can achieve, he even uses his spare time to keep his rap skills sharp and improve them.

Vernon didn’t need to feel too bad about the negative attention it brought them. Years later, SEVENTEEN is one of the best-selling groups ever, breaking records worldwide.