SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Breaks Down The Funny Drink Incident With Jeonghan

Here’s how it all happened.

When SEVENTEEN showed the aftermath of Jeonghan having a drink spilled all over his shoes and pants, everyone couldn’t hide how amused they were by the incident. Soon after, they revealed that Vernon was the person behind it.

Looking back on the funny incident where he accidentally spilled iced chocolate on Jeonghan, Vernon broke down how it all happened.

Jeonghan | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

Chatting with 1st Look magazine, Vernon expressed how much of “a shock” the incident had been and how “it happened so fast.

While it’s common for people to lose hold of a drink and accidentally spill it, Vernon ended up accidentally kicking it instead. He explained, “As soon as I stood up to leave, my foot hit the cup, and it sprayed all over Jeonghan’s pants.

Although they’d been wearing white from head to toe, there was a silver lining. The group had already taken promotional photos before sitting down for their drink break. Vernon said, “But it was such a relief because we already walked the rep carpet.

With time to spare, Jeonghan was able to smoothly switch outfits for the rest of the show. Vernon voiced how sorry he was for the accident, “So, all he had to do was change into something else. I apologize.

Whether it’s spilling something or having it spill on someone else, everyone’s been there. Watch Vernon be just as amused as fans when talking about it.