SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Shares His First Reaction After Receiving The Call For A Solo Beauty Pictorial

Just look at those visuals!

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon has landed his first solo beauty pictorial with 1st Look magazine!

Vernon showed off his visuals even in extreme close-up shots, revealing his flawless beauty. 

In an interview that followed, he expressed his feelings of having his first solo photo shoot. 

I was shocked when I first received the call. I thought to myself,’ Me? Doing a beauty pictorial?’ Am I qualified for this?’ I don’t know much about beauty, but I learned a lot through this pictorial. I originally had really good skin, but after turning 20, I started getting red trouble spots. That’s when I thought, ‘Oh, I need to start taking care of my skin’.

⁠— Vernon

In regards to SEVENTEEN’s message of the “Power of Love,” he revealed his thoughts and expressed a bit of his personality.

I’m not the type to open my heart easily until we get to know each other well. The process takes a long time, but once we become close, I become someone that gives a lot. When you become someone who I can casually exchange jokes with and can contact comfortably, then you fall into the category of people that I find close. When I’m with close people, I talk a lot.

⁠— Vernon

When asked about any prejudices or difficulties he faced while promoting, he replied, “I can speak Korean better than you think.”

Vernon’s pictorial can be found in the 227th issue of 1st Look magazine. In addition, the beauty film and YouTube contents can be found through 1st Looks’ Instagram and YouTube channel.

Source: sports donga