SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Parents Are Both Painters, Here’s How Skilled Vernon Is At Drawing

SEVENTEEN Vernon’s parents are well known to have a professional background in fine arts.

Vernon’s father, Simon Choi, is an artist who even designed this custom in-ear piece for his son.

Melody Vernon Chwe, Vernon’s mother, is an art teacher children in Korea.

So fans began wondering if Vernon inherited the same artistic talents from his parents…

Vernon may have inherited the stunning visual genes, but seems to be lacking in the artistic genes.

But granted, he’s still able to capture the main important features of his drawings.

Source: Instiz

Vernon once drew a brief caricature of his members and the minor details of each face shined brightly.

Left to Right: S.Coups, Wonwoo, Vernon, Hoshi, Jun, Dino, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Woozi

Even his portrait of Jeong Hyun Don became famous for its artistic visuals…

Jeong Hyun Don was surely “impressed” with Vernon’s talents!

Perhaps his talented younger sister has inherited art genes in the family!

SEVENTEEN Vernon’s little sister being targeted by major entertainment companies

Whether it be Picasso-level or not, fans are in love with Vernon’s drawings none the less!

Source: MBCentertainment

Source: Instiz