SEVENTEEN vs. Tongue Twisters Ended With A Lot Of Bloopers And The Birth of Rapper Seungkwan

Crush them, Seungkwan!

On SEVENTEEN‘s YouTube channel, member Seungkwan‘s 1Min7Sec CHALLENGE was posted. Titled “Best Rapper Seungkwan”, this episode had Seungkwan read out a list of tongue twisters within a minute and seven seconds.


Seungkwan, with a sense of confidence and a brave heart, gave it a go right away – only to be miserably defeated by the complicated words and sounds leaving his tongue tied.


Watching Seungkwan fail miserably, other members became intrigued to challenge themselves as well. Wonwoo, who is a rapper member, stepped up to test his fire spitting skills…


… and though he struggled a bit…


… he eventually passed with flying colors! Looks like Wonwoo has what it takes to be the “Best Rapper Wonwoo”!

Oh man, you’re good.

— Seungkwan


Curious Jeonghan also wanted to test himself…


… but eventually couldn’t finish, after a mild panic attack led him to forget how to pronounce Korean words in general. Jeonghan stumbling through a sentence had Carats cracking up hard!


Of them all, Woozi held the record time by completing the entire list of tongue twisters in only 37 seconds! Is there anything Woozi can’t do?


Seungkwan, who decided tongue twisters aren’t the best method to evaluation his potential as a rapper, showed the camera his actual flow instead. Re-creating a part from “Queen” by Son Dambi, Seungkwan proved that he may not be the best at rapping tongue twisters…


… but his spirit is already a hiphop warrior.


Watch the full clip here: