SEVENTEEN Won Chocolate And It Was Like They Had Won The Lottery

If you need to get on their good side, give them chocolate.

SEVENTEEN had free time in Japan, so the duo Bbooggyu, Seungkwan and Mingyu, decided to go to an arcade. And, they had Jun join them to form the trio Junbbooggyu.

Mingyu found a crane game and started to play it with the thought that he wouldn’t win a prize. But, he managed it on his very first try and was rewarded with a piece of chocolate.

After he’d won, Seungkwan and Jun gathered to watch him win again. They became excited when he did. But, they wanted even more chocolate.

After winning so much already, they began having a tough time. They were just about ready to give up when they won even more than they had before. None of them could believe it, and it excited them more.

The way to their heart has to be chocolate, especially since they hadn’t stopped until they’d won an entire bag. Watch their good luck here.